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Not bad :D I find it very interesting. The music at the beginning is very catchy!

I have noticed, like with other Filipino-> English games, the grammar is a bit off, and it can make the game difficult to understand, or interrupt the flow when a player is reading. So I'd like to make the offer of going over the script to correct the small errors, if you like. :) I've done it for some other games, because I hate to see a game be shot down for something so small. So, I would be happy to help, if you accept.

Either way, I look forward to the full release. :)

sorry if i took some time to reply XD
(we've been busy with school works)

thank you for taking the time to play our game and yes! definitely we will take your offer of fixing our grammar :D
i'd like to discuss this further if you will ^_^

Absolutely~ You can email me at:

This game is absurd.

In what way? I would like a feedback to that.

I WANT TO READ MORE! I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. Please, tell me when will be the next update? Or when will you launch the full version of the game. :(

Please reply! I want some answers and well I admire your story. Are you the only one who develop this?

I'm really sorry about that XD

Yes I will finish the game. Hopefully after some school projects.
It will be finished this year, that is for sure you can believe me on that.


Lovelovelove ~ ❤


The game is good! I like the characters especially the girls so cute xD i like gabby must published on google play and app store and hope to continue developing it and also improvements on the characters, and the text below like auto, menu and skip are too small please change the sizes but all in all good job on your team . Godbless.

Someday I am hoping that I'll be able to post the game in the google play app store. I just need a bit more time XD

I'm glad you like the sprites :D This is still not the final design for the characters. It will be updated sooooon!
The buttons are now updated and will be posted soon. Thank you for feedback. ^_^


The demo of the game itself got me hooked on to it so much that after I finished playing it I felt that I lost my purpose in living XD This demo is great I cant wait to play the actual game 😁👍

Woah hahaha didn't expect such a praise XD thank you very much! Sorry for some missing sprites and some glitches I'll get to it right away! Please stay tuned for more :D


The story is well-made! The sprites is kinda average but still the CG makes up for it. :D

All in all, I'm pretty satisfied in this Demo. I hope to see a major update soon :) Please continue this project. *thumbs up*


Thank you very much for the feedback! :D

The script coding is still in progress which is why it still remains incomplete.
and I'm very sorry about the sprites suddenly disappearing. I'm still focusing on the story.

I'll keep the updates running!